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The Small Print is our Terms & Conditions page.

Please read the Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) carefully and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us!

  1. A £250 (non-refundable) Booking Fee must be paid to secure our services for the day. No booking is confirmed until we receive this. Your booking fee will be deducted from your overall package price.
  2. The remaining balance must be paid no later than FOUR weeks before the wedding date, unless prior agreement is made.
  3. Permission and authorisation must be granted by the clergy/registrar/venue before any footage is recorded; this is to be undertaken by the client(s) who are responsible for any and all fees incurred, if applicable.
  4. Access to the venue(s) to set up the equipment at least 1hr prior to the wedding is required, this is the client’s responsibility to arrange.
  5. Any changes to the details of the wedding (times, locations etc.) must be communicated, with reasonable notice, in writing/by e-mail, to ensure no misunderstandings.
  6. PV Wedding Films shall not be held responsible for circumstances dictated by the event location which adversely affects the quality of your video including poor lighting in the venue, and/or the PA system used by the venue. PV Wedding Films makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied, in regard to aesthetic qualities of the completed film. To mitigate this risk, we will take test shots throughout the day and we will advise you of any concerns which may arise.
  7. PV Wedding Films will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control which may impact filming of your wedding. This includes: power failures, inclement/severe weather, interference by third parties, access restrictions etc.
  8. PV Wedding Films reserves the right to cancel the service provided at any time. This is a rare (so far never) and very extreme circumstance and we hope never to have to cancel. If I have to cancel then I will seek a suitable replacement or provide recommendations to help secure a new company.
  9. PV Films recommends the all clients have suitable Wedding Insurance to protect themselves from any issues and costs if they have to cancel. Our cancellation charges are as follows and will be exercised on a case by case basis:
    • 90 days and above, prior to wedding/event = Booking Fee (£250).
    • 90-45 days, prior to wedding/event = Booking Fee plus 50% of cost.
    • Less than 45 days, prior to wedding/event = Full amount.
  10. PV Wedding Films retains the copyright to all footage captured on the day and reserves the right to use the footage for promotional and commercial purposes without prior permission required.
  11. In the event of complete equipment failure or other circumstances beyond our control which means that we will not be able to film your wedding/event you will receive a full refund (less Booking Fee). We will not be liable for further damages though. USB/Discs will be replaced free of charge if we are informed of any fault within 7 days of having received it. A supplementary charge for discs after this time will be incurred.
  12. Due to the immense file space taken up by source files captured on the day and also backed up, we will only store files on our hard drives for a period of 6 months from completion of your wedding film. After this time we will only keep the finalised production files and image files (USB, Bluray,DVD zip files).
  13. Payment can be made by bank transfer – details will be provided at time of booking.
  14. If any issue arises during the day where we feel threatened by guests (physically or verbally) or our equipment is in danger of being damaged then firstly we will look to seek an amicable solution with our clients directly. If we cannot then we have the right to terminate our services immediately without recompense nor liability.
  15. Delays can occur on the day which are outwith our control and knock out the timings. Where possible we will accommodate the shift, however, depending on circumstances and how late timings run, additional cost may be incurred. This will be discussed with each couple, should the situation arise.

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