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One thing is true, your wedding day flies by at the speed of light – getting ready, the ceremony, the photos, not forgetting you have lots of people to see and speak to, there’s a meal and speeches then maybe more people. Throw in cutting a cake and cutting some shapes on the dancefloor… all this in a single day.

Sure, you have photos, a freeze frame moment in time, a memory of that laughter, tear or smile but can you hear it, the vows, the speeches? Friends and family, together, catching up and making new friends. Not something you can pull from a photo. These are the 1000 words.

Now it’s time to take those words and tell the story, your story, your love story… a beautifully handcrafted wedding film you will love.


PV Films | Weddings | Scotland

If you are planning to get married then choosing a wedding film is a big decision.

You want a wedding film which you will watch over and over, share with friends and gives you goosebumps every time.

Below is an example of what PV Films work looks like. More examples can be found here: Teaser Trailers

Six4 Productions | Corporate | Glasgow | Scotland

PV Films Corporate & Aerial has now become Six4 Productions since PV Films has become synonymous with the wedding industry and I want to keep them separate.

There is a brand new website, Instagram and Twitter accounts all setup with the new Six4 Productions logo.

Go there, enjoy, follow, like!

PV Films | Teaser Trailers

Included with every booking is a 60 second Teaser Trailer which is shared on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram.

It’s a short highlights reminder of your awesome big day, set to music then shared so the world can see how good a day you had.

All of this year’s Teaser Trailers can be watched from the Watch Now menu above.

2017 Teaser Trailers here